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if you're poor it's cus ur a sinner

 been theorizin about this for some time. Don't get much time to blog these days kinda settled down, so I scrambled some shit together to get a good debate goin.

If you're poor it's because you're a sinner.

From a religious view-

bible tells us to work hard and not complain. If you did this you'd have a decent wage and won't get fired.

bible tells us to sacrifice. Simple, you won't spend as much hence have more money.

bible tells us to give to the poor. Better tax refund bitches. Also karma, can be proven to be true.

You do the opposite, sin spend all your money on beers, don't work hard, and don't practice good karma, you're a broke man, also a "sinner".

Food for thought also thought I'd check in, it's been awhile.
Frogbob Uploaded 04/17/2012
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