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It was a gloomy day in The Mission and snipers were everywhere and black people too when I'm lookin to my left and lookin to my right when all of a sudden I see this guy sitting in the corner. So I ran over to him and found out it was White Choclate himself. He had a riot sheild in one hand and his dick in the other. He told me, "Come here in this corner and be POWERFUL with me!" Naturally I did. I picked up a riot shield myself and felt an awesome wave of POWERFUL come over me.


The snipers were terrified to see two of the most POWERFUL guys sitting in a corner with trophy systems set up like a boss and claymores everywhere so no one could infiltrate our aura of awesome POWER.


Snipers didn't know what to do and got fuckin scared eh and ran off, and a Osprey flew over head to kill all the black people with AIDS. It also dropped off care packages of KFC because we were fuckin hungry from battle. We ate the chicken and rubbed the grease all over our bodies to look like we just had the most sweaty glistening sex with porn stars, BECAUSE WE DID.

ZeroEnygma Uploaded 05/15/2012
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