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An Ode to Mizuka

Mizuka, Mizuka,
what rhymes with Mizuka?
Only thing I came up with,
is sexy bazooka
doop ya
okay, it's through,
time to explain Mizuka
and just what does she do?

(I've just been informed, its actually
Pronounced MI-ZUCKA)
lost in translation,
I'm a dumb MuthaFU*KA!!!

exotic, and foreign
hard to translate
puzzles my puzzler,
I can hardly wait

to see her new uploads,
and view her new vids
both far-out and uncensored,
not for the kids

Far-Out Asian Pictorals
(that's FAP if u don't know)
Asian women spread out eagle,
undressed and in no clothes

Almond eyes,
Japanese Sunrise
Hint of Korean,
or Mandarin, or Thai
A variety of flavors,
of which to choose
Upskirt, and crazy stuff,
my mind I will lose

Pick amongst the galleries,
and Mizuka's choice
let's all check out asian babes,
Us internet nerds rejoice!!
artman4444 Uploaded 05/22/2012
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