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Racism in Diablo 3


There's been much criticism about the game's scripting - especially the servers going down for maintenance or not willing to connect you. This seems to be what concerns most of the players, but did anybody else notice how racist Diablo 3 is?

Let's have a look at the character classes. You get a variety of different professions and you can notice that the Wizard looks Asian. It's a cool class, probably the best one in the game. Most of the other classes seem to be Caucasian. But the token black class is something disgustingly racist. The Witch Doctor class  uses the most blatant racial stereotypes of black people.

Why is the black class a savage African with a spear? Why is the energy liquid bottle the color of grape drink? Why are there skills called "ghetto blaster," "fo shizzle" and "dawg's in da house" in his palette, when other classes get things like "Bash,"  "Ice storm," "Haste," "Meteorite," etc? That's racist

I'm surprised they didn't replace the health potions with water melons. Why limit yourself? 
shylilazn Uploaded 05/25/2012
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