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Tell Me it Ain't True!

I came across this story about injustice in America and well it sickened me. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get the whole story in these types of cases due to political or corrupted systems interference and of courseexaggerationsperpetrated by the victims. However, in this case, I do believe the victim is telling the truth and that the authorities acted in a sick demented way. This story you will not get from your regular news sources so I'll leave you with a link.

Yes, the source is a right leaning publication, but unfortunately, everythingcoming out of the USA is either Right or Left, so it is difficult to find the perfect news source. Anyway, if you read the story from the link, tell me what you think. Is this story bullshit, exaggerated, everydayoccurrence,a big misunderstanding, tabloid news?
Letemdangle Uploaded 06/04/2012
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