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sMilesKisses, My Favorite Blogger Other Than Me


I'm so glad there's an actual blogger that can not only  write  coherently but also has a great sense of humor and creativity. Two of his blogs got featured already and the admins apparently thought that it would be cool to spotlight his new blog on the main page (there's a small frame on the bottom of the main page with his blog I noticed today). I like the idea. Not many people visit the Blog section and it's a shame. I know not many users write appropriate blogs. By appropriate I mean funny and thought provoking. You can find a lot of great stuff here, though and sMilesKisses is an example of why this section should get more credit.

I'd like to thank you, sMilesKisses, for helping me bring this section back and that your great writing somehow managed to affect the staff. It's great they feature blogs. May more people get interested with the section and write. Creative writers are always welcome

shylilazn Uploaded 06/09/2012
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