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Depending on your current degree of sobriety, you might have noticed that the site looks a little bit different. After 5 years, we decided that it might be a good idea to give the old EBW a little bit of a facelift, and we've spent the last several months working like crazy to make the new site as glorious as possible.

That being said, we know how much you all fear change. We're here for you! We'll be using this space to answer questions and address concerns. Please feel free to unleash your rage in the comments below.

What the fuck is newest?

The new design lumps all of the different media types together into the same listings view. Newest is essentially Just Submitted, and Popular is, well, Popular. Once you are in those sections, you still have the option to filter by individual media types if you want to. Also, there's a new grid view that allows you to scan through more content faster.


Where are my fucking eBones???

Chill. They're still there. They just decided they'd rather live on your profile page, and we respected their decision.


What the fuck is Stumblethru?

That's a way to use StumbleUpon just for media on our site. You don't have to have a StumbleUpon account to use it, but if you do it uses your existing preferences to direct you to media that they think you'll like.

Where are my fucking groups, high scores, and elinks????

Gone. They didn't work that well, and nobody was really using them. Apologies to Deevo and the legion of spammers who are now out of a job.

How do I get to the fucking forum?

Scroll down to the footer, or just go to


Where the fuck is Live Chat?

Once you're logged in, if you hover on your avatar you'll find a link to live chat.

Where is the fucking Afro Ninja link in the fucking footer? That's how I always got to that video!

No you didn't.

UsedCarMan Uploaded 06/16/2012
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