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New Layout

The new layout doesn't really bother me. I actually like it and, besides, I've forgotten what it looked like before already. They took the tournaments away totally, which I haven't used for months. The groups page has been deleted, which I never used, we have Facebook groups for that. They added animation uploading again, which is a good thing.

Just one question, UCM. What exactly has spamming got to do with taking the groups, highscores and elinks away? If spamming means linking a game that can't be stolen and put on here or Linking a very good comic* which also can't be uploaded here is classed as spamming then I guess I did. lolol.

*Comic: Just keep scrolling down.

Edit. Live chat isn't working. That makes the new design suck.
deevo25 Uploaded 06/16/2012
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