Neonazis - The Attention Whore Wusses

Ohayou, guys! Many of you probably seen them on the streets. They usually hang around in groups and almost every one of them shaves their head (probably a lice problem or they save up on shampoo). Most of the neonazis are pissant poor and due to their looks they only get the shittiest of jobs. Why does someone become part of this retarded subculture? Scientists say there's only 2 reasons.

The first reason people become neonazis is they were bullied in school and come from a poor family. When they grow up and change schools/environments, they might find other losers like them which will enlighten them about how the Jews are responsible for the evil in the world and that they are so filthy rich when other people must suffer poverty. The ex-wimp shaves his head and joins the gang, and the others welcome him and treat him like family, because he's a loser without perspectives like them.


The second reason is the neonazi was an abused kid, so he played a bully. Tried to look tough. Every neonazi is an attention whore and the swastika shit is something that says "look at me, I'm so edgy" - so people don't ignore them. In reality they are boring, stupid and hateful wimps, hating everybody successful because daddy pushed the little neonazis shit when they were little while the Jewish kid was the most popular boy in class. 

Of course, the neonazis are gonna go a long way in trying to justify their hatred. They are poor and can't find a job because of the Jew conspiracy, not because they are uneducated. They don't get paid by the government because black people get money for being black. From THEIR taxes. Bitch, you're unemployed. What taxes are we talking about? Yeah, that's enough to worship their beloved Fuhrer who planned to invade their country, but that seems to be something they don't seem to mind.

Uploaded 06/27/2012
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