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Teddy Bear Gets Raped!

While in Cincinnati a Teddy Bear got raped by Charles Marshal, 28. This is the fourth time Mr. Marshall was arrested for sexually assaulting a stuffed animal in a public place.


He seems to get off masturbating with stuffed animals in places minors might be present. He has spent some time in jail and paid fines. The police say this is an ongoing problem. 

Teddy has been dry cleaned and donated to the Children's Hospital, where he will be used as therapy for children who have been sexually assaulted. 

- DrMallard, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, commented:

Trouble bruin, I suppose. Truly unbearable. Then again, if he tried it with a real bear I'm sure he'd meet a grizzly end.


- Tellingit Asitis, Grove Park, London, commented:

I hope the teddy bear gets all the counselling it needs to get over the terrible ordeal it has suffered.

-kim.USA, wrote:

Makes one wonder what event from his childhood may have triggered his fascination with teddy bears, as a sexual 'partner'. Unbelievable. I do have to say though, at least it's teddy bears, and not real bears, or children, or non-consenting adults!

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