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EBW could be void of users on Monday 7/9/2012


     How many of you will NOT be here on Monday?  LoL... If you are not green at this site, you wont be able to get to the Internet starting Monday...


     It seems that the FBI busted a group of 7 people in 2011 for a virus they wrote back in 2007.  This virus is a DNS changer, and goes virtually undetected by antivirus software.  It basically gives you a little more adware and occassionally re-directs you to different sites, but all infected computers route through THEIR servers.  When the FBI busted them, they did not know how to unplug this without giving hundreds of thousands of people the dreaded HTTP 404 error, so they made a few tweaks and left it in place.  Come Monday, they're pulling the plug, so if you are running this virus, your DNS will not be able to find the internet....

The more you know


Happy 'puting

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