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No Mizuka Bashing

There will be no Mizuka bashing whilst I'm around. Mizuka is cool. Many is the time when she and I have just chatted for hours, eating up the day. Did you know she plays guitar? I asked her to upload something she has played, but she refuses :(
    She cashed in her ebones and bought a cool effects pedal. She is on opposite time zones, and I am not a morning person. She thinks I use the computer to much. I would have to agree. Alas, I miss those chats.
    How is Rocksmith going? Is it helping you learn? Keep up the FAP and other crazy stuff, Mizuka. I'm a big fan.
    Asian women are so cool. They are nerdy, and intelligent and sensitive. In Japan especially, they have an honor-based society. The way of the Bushido, diluted through the years, but part of everything they do, in abstract ways.

So, don't talk smack about Mizuka, she's a comrade of mine, right up there with Fuzzywuzzy666 or fartknocker. Just lettin' ya know.
artman4444 Uploaded 07/10/2012
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