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its been awhile since ive been to ebaumsworld. so did someone drop me on my fucking head or did this whole goddamn website evolve into a fuckin half-retarded pokemon over night? seriously...a new faggy layout?? are you shitting me?? just when i thought ebaumsworld coudnt be any further away from the hilarious, kickass ebaumsworld i grew up on, YOU FUCKS go and pull a stunt like this....god have mercy on your souls. if he could see this atrocity that has been forced upon our virgin eyes....EBAUM HIMSELF...would back-hand THE FUCK out of you.. eventually throwing you into a violent, scary, ape shit acid flashback.....melting your dumbshit derp derp faces off your thick, hallow skulls...and p.s WTF is this "PARTNER" BULLSHIT?? I clicked on a video and got sent to some leach ass, boo boo bullshit website, apparently sucking from the tit of ebaumsworld, or maybe, even more pathetically, the other way around..i nearly shit myself at this moment in time.... well... whoever you are, whomever you are... your attempts to "glitter up" ebaumsworld proved futile and downright retarded. don't you know that change scares the shit out of people. and fear quickly turns into rage WHEN YOU CANT FIND THE NEW FUCKING SEARCH BAR FOR OVER AN HOUR DUE TO A NEW FUCKING PUSSY LAYOUT. .. do us all a favor, find the nearest window in your office, and jump out of it...hopefully it's on the 31st floor. thanks
iJUSTpooped Uploaded 07/17/2012
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