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Save Ebaums!

The end is nigh of Ebaums. The blog that bsm wrote is not ture!!! Ebaums is not gonna die. Fellow Ebaumers we must protest to this situation.Help me get Ebaums back go on live chat prostest spam do whatever you can do to save Ebaums.when i first came here it was love at first sight but now it is dying.If you a a real true Ebaumer you would help me letemdangle your a true Ebaumer right? Rin what about you are you a true Ebaumer? Neko are you?what about you fuzzywuzzy? We all united could make ebaums bigger and better even though we are not mod WE CAN MAKE A DIFFRENCE.So if you are a true Ebaumer join me! Save Ebaums!
zombiekiller854 Uploaded 07/17/2012
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