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Chrizzle the ebaumsworld rapping prodigy

Yo crizzle in the building, just chilling, killin villains fillin em with my illness I stomp and send you for the hills kid. I'm real and ya best know it, and if you don't either way your girl's gonna blow it. To smooth for this track, to easily I be spitting facts, They call me ronnie coleman nigga I'm jacked and racked of protein and makin money from selling crack, gotta backpack full of them bricks and haters is what I lack. Nigga I be selling that cocaine like other niggas sellin propane call me hank hill, yo mama be hitting it up but I had to reccomend her a treadmill so I don't have to worry about the bitch's booty knockin my drank out my hand cuz than I'll need a refill.
ANALwithCHRIST Uploaded 07/20/2012
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Tags: ill ill ill


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