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How To Solve A Rubik's Cube In 7 Steps


Many people look in awe at kids solving the cube sometimes in a matter of seconds on youtube videos. Most of them are geniuses, but you probably didn't know this - there's an easy key to solving ANY type of Rubik's cube. No matter how scrambled it is. You need to follow the steps I share with you below.

1. Memorise the color placement. You need to know which color borders which. There's only 5 different colors on the whole cube (white isn't really a color), so don't cry, you wimp. You can manage to remember five colors, can you, dumb ass?

2. Choose one side and locate the central brick. You need to place the same colored (or white ones if it's a white brick) elements up, down, left and right from the center. Like this:


3. Get a screwdriver.

4. Place the screwdriver between the bricks and try to loosen them without damaging the bricks.

5. Take the cube apart without breaking its elements. The effect should look more or less like this:


6. Put the brick together remembering the color placement you learned in step 1.

7. Brag about it.

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