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The Coloardo Massacre

Im sure most of you Ebaumers know about the Coloardo shootings.Well im here to tell you my views on it.The shooter his name is James Holmes.I say he was A PSYCHOPATH.Some people have been saying its the movie the violence in video games and such BUT IT ISNT its your own choice to do something like that.Some people have that much rage in them but i dont.James said that he was trying to act like the joker he had dyed his hair red/orange.He went to the batman movie and with four guns a shotgun two glock pistols and an assult rifle he had bought 3,000 rounds for all of them.He came in from the exit he threw a smoke bomb like the joker does laughing gas.....He was covered in armor from head to toe.He was also wearing a gasmask he killed 12 people and injured 38 s-JAMES-HOLMES-MUGSHOT-large.jpg this was a message from zombiekiller854 rate what the blog desverves ps:He is gonna get the death pentalty or rot is prison
zombiekiller854 Uploaded 07/24/2012
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