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Vegetarian Retards


You probably know a bunch of these freaks. Vegetarian or vegan - the same shit. Everyone should eat what they like, and it's okay to be vegetarian if you don't want to eat meat, but it's usually that the vegetarians are nagging idiots trying to convince people around them they shouldn't eat meat in the most idiotic ways imaginable.

A typical vegetarian activist retard would spray paint (in other words: vandalise) buildings with such original phrases like "Meat is murder" or "Go vegetarian!" 

What's the point of this? What normal person would go vegetarian after reading some babble by an obvious idiot? Or give up meat because a horse-faced, pale banshee tells them how vegetables are healthy and meat is unhealthy. Seriously? Look in the mirror, you Iggy Pop looking piece of shit.

shylilazn Uploaded 08/02/2012
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