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DANCE MOMS - Reason For Loss Of Faith In Humanity 1

Dance Moms.  You've all heard of it.  You've all seen the commercials, and tell me this.  When you watch those commercials, do you ever see a smile on these kids' faces? No.  They all have a miserable expression on them like they just witnessed their whole family be brutally massacred before their very eyes.  Then I saw a news report and saw just the kind of shit these kids are taught to do in front of cameras and a live audience.  I WAS going to come in here and blast it right away just after seeing that, but my inner guidance told me, "No, Hanzo.  It is not wise to judge a show you have never watched." So I went to the Lifetime website and watched Season 2, Episode 20.  Needless to say, it was exactly the Reason For Loss Of Faith In Humanity I expected it to be.  I see one kid showing signs of burnout, I see another kid in a skirt shaking her ass, and one facepalm was not enough.  I had to bring out the Double Facepalm on this one, folks.


I can think of few things worse, of only few better reasons why I should have absolutely no faith in humanity at all whatsoever.  There's not much the show itself will show you that the commercials and news reports about it haven't already.  Now, the kids themselves are awesome.  They're tough as hell, they can do flips and shit and will likely grow to be badass Catwomen.  But you can teach kids how to do flips and shit without being a douchebag about it like Abby Lee Miller, the fat hambone pictured above.  I watch one fucking episode and this fat worthless cow tells a kid she needs to "have some control over her mother".  Children are not supposed to be responsible for what their parents do.  They're children, for fuck's sake.  Children are also not supposed to dress scantily and perform sexually provocative dance numbers at competitions for all the pedophiles to watch and take pictures to put in their personal CP collection and fap to later, spooging all over an iPhone fixated on a seven-year-old in a bra and a skirt in mid leg-lift.  It's ridiculous.

If the dancers were teenaged than maybe I would be a little less condescending.  That's more the time to learn how to be tough, one thing Abby seems to be good at teaching.  But little kids? First off, Abby is hypocritical as fuck, as if that's not going to be confusing to anyone, let alone a group of children aged seven to fourteen.  Wanting the others to be happy for Maddie's victory (which I'm sure a lot of shit is fixed in her favor like many say) and then prompting her to shove this victory in their faces.  I don't tend to be happy for someone's success when they gotta purposefully rub it in my face how better they are than me.  I'm not saying don't show off.  If you've earned it, by all means, flaunt the fuck out of it.  But when you rub it in my face, I'm going to feel tempted to fucking blast you in yours.  It's Human Nature 101.  Second, you know just how easily it is just for child actors to get burned out? And they don't have to do HALF of the shit these little girls do.  Child actors run into a shitload of pedos, as I've heard.  But they are not badgered by their shameless mothers and some fat cow who I'm sure can't do half the shit these kids do herself, to get on stage and exhibit themselves provocatively like this.

People eat this shit up, too.  They watch this when they could be watching King Of The Hill or something else that's actually meaningful because I'm guessing they're either pedophiles or don't have enough drama in their own lives to be repulsed by such shows like this that thrive on drama as a focal point.  SMH, Lifetime.  Go back to showing horrible straight-to-TV film remakes and maybe you won't look like the shameless industry whores you really are.
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