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10 Reasons Why Buckethead Is Better Than Slash


We often have a discussion in the feature chat about how Buckethead is a much better guitarist than Slash and that he's one of the most awesome artists alive. A few retards didn't agree that Buckethead is better than that loser Slash, because they don't know shit about music. Here's 10 reasons why Buckethead is better than Slash:

1. He shreds approximately 3.48 times faster than Slash

2. He's got better hair than Slash

3. Buckethead has a cooler hat than Slash

4. Buckethead wrote the music for the Mortal Kombat music and Slash didn't

5. Buckethead is much taller than Slash

6. Buckethead can play any solo by Slash, much faster and with better accuracy

7. Buckethead is a multi-instrumentalist and plays different genres

8. Buckethead doesn't smoke

9. Buckethead does the robot on his concerts and plays with nunchucks, and Slash doesn't

10. Axl Rose hates Buckethead less than he hates Slash

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