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Seriously, I am fucking scared as all shit.

Seriously, I am fucking scared as all shit. 

I'll skip the boring details, but to give you an idea of just how completely freaking terrorized I am, I spent hours standing on top of my ottoman and sofa when I thought it was just the world's fastest and largest bug. I saw something dash across my floor, proceeded to Raid the shit out of the place, then saw it again and have since been unable to sleep. Having never seen a bug that large in my life, I stood watch with a Raid can ready to kill the shit out of it the moment it emerged. How long it would take was simply not a concern. I am scared out of my mind of all crawly things.

Then I saw something poke its head from beneath my couch, I shrieked in horror, then it went back under. Then I was like... oh hell no. Is this the world's smartest beetle? And how big was that fucking thing? Was that a.... and then it poked its head out again.



A bug terrified me enough to consider getting a hotel for the night, so a goddamn mouse almost caused me to move out. So I screamed some more, then ran into my bedroom and put towels underneath my door. I'm now locked in my room and am scared to leave. Shit, I left my laptop charger out there. 

I just heard something crash in my living room. That must be it. frown.gif

I'm sure the obvious answer might be a mouse trap, but is there some way to kill it that's fast and won't have to deal with me touching it? I'm afraid of dead spiders, for Christ's sake. Seriously, even if I watch someone kill it for me, I can't breathe until it's out of the room.

I am seriously scared as all shit. I've been afraid to stand on the floor for hours. I have honestly been walking on top of my furniture since 11pm (it's 3:18am now). Jesus Christ, I was better off when I thought it was a bug. How does a mouse even get in here? 

Please, please, please help. 
StiffDroodle Uploaded 08/09/2012
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