Get Ready, Bitches

You think you're tough? You think you're smart? Shit, you're peanuts and if you think you could take me on, you're wrong. You wanna know why? It's because I slayed more dragons that you ate hamburgers, you fat assed nerds.

I'm like level 76 in Skyrim. Block? Maxed. Heavy Armor? Maxed. Two-Handed Melee? Maxed. Destruction? MAXED.

You think you can handle me? You won't put a damned scratch on my armor. Because I have smithing MAXED. My armor's durability is over 140%, you bitch!

In year 2013 you're gonna get your ass handed to you by me. 

Oh yeah, Skyrim's going online. I'm gonna buy a supply of coffee and energy drinks and if that's not enough, I'm gonna pay people to sleep for me. You still think you stand a chance? Think again. I'm gonna start with my awesome fast level up technique - train smithing, smith a shit load of daggers and sell them to buy new ingots and if they're out of stock, go to another town. Smithing maxed? Awesome, I used the levels up to get my magicka up. I can go train block. Great way is to stand there for a few hours and block some ass hole and max out your block. Using the level up points for magicka, oh yeah. Enough magicka to be standing in heavy armor and taking hits while using the heal spell continuously. Both restoration and heavy armor up, bitch.

While you were running around, killing rats and shit, I was training like Goku. So when you weaklings get to level 10 and stand in my way, I WILL SWAT YOU LIKE FLIES!!! You hear me?

Uploaded 08/17/2012
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