The DarkRubyMoon Cocktail Drink

I decided that I wanted to invent a new alcoholic drink and give it the name DarkRubyMoon.  After some experimentation, I think I have created the best tasting drink I have ever tasted.  Here is how you too can make a DarkRubyMoon!

* 1 Cup Blueberry fruit juice
* 1 part (Parrot Bay) Coconut Rum
* 2 parts Dark Rum
* 2 parts Amaretto

Shake in a Cocktail shaker.  Serve in a Martini glass or a Highball glass, preferably with Maraschino cherry.  Serve and enjoy!
This drink has a sweet taste that is difficult to define.  The blueberry and the coconut flavors blend into a drink that is sweet but not icky sweet.  Drink responsibly.  This is a drink that is easy to over-indulge on as you don't taste the alcohol, but it packs a punch. 


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Uploaded 08/17/2012
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