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Missouri Board of Education diagram of a vagina here!

Here's an update on our friend Todd Akin.  It looks like he understand that he's "legitimately" raped his political career.  It's been reported by several sources that he's stepping down.  He's already backpedaled on all of his comments and essentially pleaded ignorance and temporary insanity (using the wrong words).  

Dangle had some speculation that he got his bad information from a scientific study or some credible source.  It turns out, it's the public education system in Missouri.  Like most backwards, fucked up states, Missouri has an abstinence only sex-ed program in their public schools.  It turns out, there diagram in the text book suggests everything he said.

Here's the female naughty bits as depicted in the text:

It turns out that the anti-rape goblin in the center secretes a certain substance that kills rape sperm.  I hope I cleared this up for you guys.
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