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Pussies, Riots and Chainsaws

Well the anti religious gay feminist movement is gathering steam ever since Pussy Riot got sentenced to two years for performing without licence or permission in a church. I'm all for free speech, loud obnoxious music as sexual deviants bounce and pounce about but damaging a public site that commemorates people who were killed by a fanatical dictator is fucking wrong. The real reason this bitch caused this public damage is because she hates religion and wanted to make a spectacle of herself, hence the cameras and the cutting down of a cross. 

If the bitch was really protesting an injustice, build your own symbol, using your own money or moneys donated, then perform your stupid act. 

This type of protest does nothing for women around the world, other than say that, they can act as badly as any man. Is that what equality has become? "Women around the world unite and act like the lowest common denominator of man"? Disgusting!


Letemdangle Uploaded 08/24/2012
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