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It had been going on for quite a while now. Just the normal everyday routine that I had gradually slid into. I can't say I was proud of myself. If anything I was maybe slightly ashamed of this almost ritual like, err, 'thing'.

See it started as a hobby at first. Once a week maybe, for say an hour tops. I didn't see anything wrong with that. It was good humour and never seedy or violent. Well, the places I went, anyway. 

Of course you had your trouble makers and to be brutally honest, this place had more than its fair share of those shady characters. I soon got to realise they were mostly joking and when you actually spoke to them, one-to-one, they were actually quite normal.

The 'thing' is now a daily occurence. I stay there for way too long, it's becoming a bit of an obsession, if I'm totally frank about it.

The End.
deevo25 Uploaded 08/28/2012
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