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Fuck Subway

Subway's restaurants are the worst sandwich shops ever created. Their product is terrible, and no one can honestly refute that. I recently went to a real deli, where they make real sandwiches. They slice the meat right in front of you, and give nearly excessive portions. It isn't pre-cut a month in advance and skimped like at Subway. If you want quality food, take that $5 and go to a real deli where you will get food that isn't made buy a bunch of jackasses who hate their lives.

P.s. One of my most memorable experiences with Subway was when I approached the large glass door a half hour before closing time, and an employee ran up with a shit-eating grin and locked the door in front of my face. True story. So, quite frankly, Subway can kiss my fucking ass, and I hope Jared has a myocardial infarction after he has collected masses of Subway blood money. Shame on you, Subway.

Jim Gaffigan's View on Subway (720p HD)

mralcahuete Uploaded 08/29/2012
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