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Data Rapist Killed Ebaumsworld' Chat

Data Rapist: Im sure everyone who has ever been on ebaums chat understands the frustration that surrounds data rapist.... abusing his mod powers, being rude and disgusting to patrons.... my first time in ebaums chat I remember data just randomly kicking people (one was me) for literally NO GODDAMN FUCKING REASON!? Excuse me for thinking about any other goddamn site, game, job anything where you abuse your fucking powers in the such and you lose them... with great power comes great responsibility.... Obviously noone uses ebaums chat anymore, I have tried to go in a few times and literally 0 users on chat... thank you Data Rapist for killing ebaumsworld chat... please make sure to use the same name wherever you go so I know to fucking leave when you get there... 
Sincerely A Mutha Fuckin Krunchy Tahko
KrunchyTahko Uploaded 08/30/2012
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