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A True Thief

If I robbed you with a gun,
you would label me a thief
but if I rob you with a document,
then wonders never cease

mortgage means death,
mauled by paper tigers
how can we accept,
that we're languished by these  liars?!?!

they own your home
your flesh and your bone
with the signing of ink
they think you can't roam

Shackled to bills
and bonded to notes
Agreements choke
the air in your throat

evict, throw out,
shut down, foreclose
nevermind humanity
just crush those poor souls

lawyers make laws
to profit the crooks
helping to fix
their crooked books

up on high,
 they commit their capers
in ivory towers,
 and metal skyscrapers
raining down fire,
with paper-marked bills
so ruthless and cold,
it gives me the chills

gold will rust,
and cash will combust
and then we are left,
to see who's unjust

Money has value,
but value dilutes
The more they inflate,
 the farther down we shoot
forget the market,
 the stocks and bonds
Take stock instead, in life,
before it is gone

artman4444 Uploaded 09/01/2012
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