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My Results On The Ink Blot Test

Hey Ebaumsworld, today the doctor showed me inkblot tests to find out what I think about shapes and stuff. I told him what I saw and drew cool pictures of it too. Want to see?

1. Donkey Kong With Chicken Pox And He Likes It


2. Bane Doing The Macarena


3. Gay Koopa Troopas Fall In Love


4. Two Elvises Are The King of Rock and Roll On Crazy Guitars


5. The States Of America If They Were A Map


. Dickfoot Escapes But His Arms Got Chopped Off


7. Bird Mutants Eating Drippy Chicken with Head Monsters Popping Out To Talk And An Apple Appears On One Side And Then Some Other Stuff Happens Too


I took away the doctor's paper sheet when he wasn't looking and now I will copy what it says:

Patient possesses juvenile intelligence. Irregular syntax when speaking. Presents symptoms of bizarre ideation: invents fictional characters and employs neologisms expecting others to automatically understand references to them. Demonstrates some knowledge of U.S. geography in the stupidest way possible. Obsessed with cartoons, video games, and other puerile media. Fixated on repressed homosexual and morbid imagery. Cognitive behavioral therapy and spanking are recommended as course of treatment.

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