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Have we become a nation of complete idiots? I am so angry at how both the RNC and DNC just steam roll over the delegates with dictated and scripted voting procedures. These parties aren't even concerned if they get caught being so obvious, because they know the American people are a bunch of stupid lazy assholes. There should be huge protests going on right now with all Americans demanding justice be done and corrective action immediately taken. While were at it, start throwing the leaders of both parties in jail who are so arrogant as to do this most outrageous crime against the American people. 

If this type of  vote rigging continues under the watchful eyes of the American people, then just imagine what they do behind closed doors. If America does not stand up for itself then it is lost and I will have lost all respect for her and her people. I will leave this ungodly country and spit on it's shores and on it's people.

StiffDroodle Uploaded 09/09/2012
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