EBW Outage

As many of you may know, and maybe some of you don't, access to eBaum's World has been severely affected in many parts of the world. This is a direct result of an alleged DDoS attack against our DNS service provider, GoDaddy. While none of our other infrastructure is hosted by GoDaddy, they have been providing us with uninterrupted (until now) DNS service for the last 4 years. Rest assured, in light of recent events, we will seriously be exploring alternative solutions to our current provider.


Currently, GoDaddy isn't disclosing a lot of information about what is going on other than that they are working on it and some services have been restored. This seems to explain why some users have regained access to the site, but the stability of GoDaddy's services is still unknown. I'll continue to update this blog with any pertinent information we come across.


UPDATE: Straight from "Update: More progress has been made. We're still investigating and working, though."


UPDATE: According to Scott Wagner at  GoDaddy, "Service was fully restored by 4 p.m. PDT."


Uploaded 09/10/2012
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