I am the one.

At night, I am the one in your dreams, sometimes I wear a black hat and my raincoat, but I don't need an umbrella. Sometimes you think you notice me, but you never really will, I am the one who is in the icecream truck getting out and chasing people. When I chase these people I have chunks of shit running down my leg, such a tasty treat, these people will be getting what they want tonight. When I catch these people they are subject to face to ass fart smelling, they get the luggery of being able to smell and even taste the magnificent product of my butthole. If I ever see you in real life though, I will shove countless anal delicacies down your throat and let you lick my ball jam. Oh what fun we would have while you get to journey your curious little tongue in my wet gooey belch filled intestines.

Oh your in for a treat my friend, your in for a treat.
Uploaded 09/10/2012
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Tags: short story novel


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