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No More Psycho Roommate Movies


There's just too many of 'em. Yesterday I decided to check out the latest in psycho roommate/friend movies playing on Encore. Predictably and tritely titled, The Roommate made me realize just how fucking worn-out the entire damn concept is. And that's because there's never once been any variation on the concept to begin with.

I couldn't help but facepalm while watching this complete waste of film. Everything about it was flat-out stolen from Single White Female, the original psycho-obsessive-pseudo-lesbo film.

Furthermore, this isn't near the first time a rip-off of SWF has occurred in media. It seems like since the surprise hit was released in 1992, all kinds of movies and books have been following the "SWF Formula":


And others:


Check it out.
rin Uploaded 09/16/2012
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