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If the west openly supports the "rebels" in syria...

then china and russia should openly support, arm, and train the syrian government if the west arms and supports the†terrorist†scum they call rebels. chinese and russian war ships and army†personnel†stationed in syria would put a damper on US plans. russia and china aiding syria is a very real possiblity if current trends continue. america attacking syria if china and russia†guarantee†their airspace.. IMPOSSIBRU unless every american soldier and†civilian†wants to die. which they arent that stupid. americans, keep telling yourself that you would crush russia and china, they will†annihilate†all of you and your military hardware in a matter of months at less than half the cost of what it would take the americans to do. russia and china re not iraq or afghanistan or even lybia. LOL. NATO? yeah russia like always will just walk right through every NATO country like they have in the past†numerous times†and none of them will do anything about it. thats†because†Europeans†are†notoriously†spineless cowards who only do things to†benefit†themselves. NATO only operates while they are attacking small weak countries to steal their resources. lets see how fast nato countries become "neutral" in a REAL WAR against china and russia. that would be all of them. as we know the french "WE SURRENDER!" and the germans? they arent going to make the same mistake 3 times. if you think any different, youve been misinformed and brainwashed into thinking there is no†obstacle†for the USA. 70+ years of attacking small weak nations that cant defend themselves has made america think its some unstoppable force. with the economy quickly collapsing the only thing that can keep it afloat is more borrowing. Wars create borrowing, only†temporarily†though. ill wait for all you westerners to make your negative comments about how you guys would destroy the east, but†that†wouldnt explain by for 70 years you guys were hiding under your desks to avoid a soviet nuke.besides america being a bunch of pussy cowards, they will NEVER LAUNCH A WAR AGAINST RUSSIA! AS Putin so eloquently put it,†‚As long as the gunpowder of the strategic nuclear arsenal, created with the enormous efforts of our fathers and grandfathers, remains dry, no sane country will dare to engage in full-fledged aggression†against†us‚ This is a FACT, if you believe otherwise, youre an imbecile or just american. SLAVA ASSAD AND THE SYRIAN ARMED FORCES. MAY THEY CONTINUE TO CRUSH THE WESTERN BACKED†TERRORIST†KNOWN AS "REBELS". WITH YOUR ASS BACKWARD POLICY OF SUPPORTING†TERRORISTS†ONE DAY AND OVERTHROWING THEM THE NEXT. IN YOUR SENSE OF THE MEANING, AL QAEDA ARE JUST A BUNCH OF FREEDOM FIGHTING REBELS DEFENDING THEMSELVES AGAINST AN†OPPRESSIVE†REGIME CALLED AMERICA. BURN SLOWLY †

stayounglover Uploaded 09/19/2012
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