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Guys, Let's Have a SFW Conversation About Kegeling


What Are Kegel Exercises? Why Is It For Men? 

Kegel Exercises use your Kegel muscles. In layman's terms, Kegel muscles are the muscles in your wee-wee that you squeeze to stop pee-pee. Squeezing while fucking is even better. Women have been squeezing Kegel muscles more often than men because women are smarter than men.

History of Kegeling 

In 1837, while waiting for a bus, Dr. Kegel had an epiphany: he could stop urinating on his leg by flexing an internal muscle near his pee-pee hole. When he got home and told his mother, his mother was so proud, she called this method "Kegel Exercise." The next day the doctor arrived at the Academy and told everyone. 


Men and Kegel Exercises

40% of men never heard about Kegel Exercises. 15% have heard about it, forgot about it, and are doing it now; 10% have heard of it, but it's exercise, so fuck it; and the remaining percentage thinks it's for chicks. 

Chart: Why Men Kegel 

How to Kegel Exercise

1) Pick a work-out space like gym or public bus.  

2) Pretend you have to pee.

3) Do the pee-pee dance to get in character.

4) Hold it in. Notice the internal penis muscles been used. Can you believe they named those muscles after some guy? Wotta world!

5) Repeat this squeeze until bored. 


Didja Know?

Women totally know when men Kegel. Giveaways include grunting and their dicks moving around inside their pants. When you Kegel a flaccid penis, that's called 'twinching.' To learn more about male Kegeling, contact your local librarian. 

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