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So Many Choices


As of October, me and Fuzz get to finally switch out our jewelry for something more elaborate. His healing process has annoyed him, but it's still doing pretty great. Besides the occasional rank smell, mine hasn't given me any problems.

When I got the nose stud put in, I chose a teal mini-jewel for color. But in actuality, I'm not too big on bling for body jewelry. I prefer steel bearings, silver-tone designs, and plastic when possible. So it's been a hassle perusing all the options and weeding out some cute new styles.

1.  Stars


Stars are always cute. Especially these, which consist of a simple steel screw and a brightly-colored, simple-cut star.

2.  Spirals


For some reason, you don't see too many people sporting these. Don't know why, seeing as how they seem simple but really not at the same time. I've caught silver-toned ones, but also rainbow and multi-tonal gradients.

3.  Hearts


Everyone loves hearts. Mostly I end up seeing the blingy, jeweled ones. But there are a few that are pretty unique and really cute.

4.  Good ol' hoops


Hoops are always a classic favorite. Plain steel or colored plastic are my favorites, and the latter is easier to find for noses than lip/labret, trust me.
rin Uploaded 09/23/2012
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