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This reminds me................


BitchOnAStick commented on my previous cat blog and it reminded me of this situation.

A few days before Christmas a couple of years ago I had worked really hard cleaning my room so I wanted to reward myself with a nice bath. I had a candle lit on the back of the toilet and was drawing the water when my cat, not the one I put body spray on, jumped up on the sink to get a drink. She got nosy and stuck her face in the candle and didn't like it so she turned the other way to jump back on the sink when her tail went into the candle and caught fire.

Me, not thinking because my cat was on fire, didn't throw her in the filling bath-tub but instead open the door screaming that the cat was on fire. Still on fire, she ran under my bed but it must've gone out while she was running. A little bit of hair was singed but nothing bad.

waverlygirl Uploaded 08/04/2008
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