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American Cracker

So some looney toons American by the name of Reverend Terry Jones wants to come to our culturally pristine nation to burn a Koran and have a  retards debate  with an Imam on the steps of our provincial legislation. Hey how about this Terry Jones, stick that Koran up your ass then light yourself on fire in your own God forsaken country. We don't need your fundamentalist ideas, it spoils the maple syrup and taints our bacon.

Seriously, I hate when unimportant and mentally deficient Americans come to Canada to spread their hateful ideas. Like, couldn't he just blog about that crap on eBaum's? There certainly are enough haters here for everyone. 

And stop exporting your evil Smurfs up here or we'll drown you in maple syrup.

Letemdangle Uploaded 10/11/2012
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