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I must admit

Sorry for the re post guys, but some little cunt keeps getting my blogs taken down. Some people are just so childish. Anyway, I know that most of you people on here (mostly lowlifes) think that I'm some type of mean person. But really I'm not. I just hate anything that's, well, you know, real... I love all the fake music that is out today because it helps me forget about what is real.

Nikki Minaj is my hero. Why? Because she is fake.. Duh! I'm Asian remember! I was born in a factory! Nikki is a pop singer that won't be remembered in 5 years and I know in my heart that that is way more important than real musicians who have been artists their entire lives. Only a retard would play a musical instrument and form a band and make hit records that last for generations. Psh.. Please.. That is so nerdy.

REAL musicians make pop albums that impress teeny boppers and will NOT be around in another 5-10 years. I mean who wants to see a musician in their 30's anyway? Not this sluttylilazn that's for sure. I'll take an auto-tuned Justin Bieber over a studio album from Pink Floyd ANY DAY of the week! Also, I really, really, really want to be black.. So I'm sorry if I complained and have gotten any of you banned for your racist comments towards the beautiful black race or my Asian people. But come on whitey, you should know better. You can be racist towards any group other than blacks. That is just NOT cool. And since I'm Asian, and I desperately want to be black, that means you can't make fun of me or make racist comments towards Asians either or I will get you banned too!

But don't get me wrong, you can make all the racist comments towards white people that you want.. It doesn't count. When you say something racist about white people , it's not REALLY racist.. In fact, it's really frigging funny when you say something racist about white people. I chink,..uhh, I mean think.

Your's truly. (and by "your's" I mean black guys)

shylilasn Uploaded 10/15/2012
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