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5 Steps To Redbox Dating by Chuck McCarthy

1. Rent Some Moviesenhanced-buzz-1908-1350290725-0.jpg
Rent some Redbox movies that you like, and that you think a chick or dude you might like would like... or just rent rom-coms to get chicks and an action movie to get dudes. I just recommend staying away from Young Adult. You don't want a girl or guy that identifies too much with that movie.

2. Write Notesenhanced-buzz-14514-1350293993-5.jpg
Get some small Post It notes, and write a note that says something about you, and gives some sort of contact info, like your Facebook address. I put my website, just to let women that I am the master of my own domain. Yes, that was a Seinfeld reference.

3. Attach Notesenhanced-buzz-14532-1350294124-16.jpg
Attach the notes to the movies. Be sure that the note doesn't interfere with the QR codes on the center of the DVD. The rental kiosks need to read those codes to do their thing, and you don't want to mess up the whole Redbox movie rental experience for everyone else.

4. Return Moviesenhanced-buzz-25181-1350295537-0.jpg
Return your movies to a Redbox that you have seen attractive people using... or at least people you think are attractive. Everyone has their own type. You probably already know what Redbox machine you will return your movies to.

5. Wait For People To Contact Youenhanced-buzz-16885-1350295880-9.jpg

Just lay around and wait for people to contact you, and maybe rent and watch more Redbox movies to put notes on. Remember if you have the conch, you get to talk first... at least that's the reason I give my dates for me being naked besides a giant conch shell.


Yeah, one of the movies I rented recently was Hunger Games.

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