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eBaum's Has Forbidden Me to Write Another Blog! Except This One!

My blog questioning the actions of the authorities in regard to  apprehending suspected paedophiles has landed me in a heap of legal troubles. I have been advised by legal counsel to cease and desist any further discussions on the subject until a full investigation and lobotomy has been performed on my brain. Very intelligent and highly credentialed scientist are currently seeking out the neurons that may have misfired  causing my unsociably dysfunctional behaviours and attitudes.  

Further, in previous notifications, I was advised that three in a row blog postings were undesirable and grounds for my abolition from eBaum's World. At the time, other bloggers made contributions, but unfortunately, by my  fault, I might be the last man standing. 

Until I submit this blog I am unsure if I have posted the final trifecta in my notorious blogging spree!  The answer is but one click away! 

Letemdangle Uploaded 10/17/2012
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