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Lesser Known Superstitions

There are a lot of superstitions in this world. A lot that you already know about, but there might have been some over the years that slipped through the cracks of your brain space. In case you want to remember them here they are: 

You'll have seven years of bad luck if you work as a high school teacher for seven years.82866409.jpeg

Watching too many programs on the CW will make you 14.82866411.jpeg

You'll go infertile if you put candles in your underpants.

If you drop a baby, and it lands heads-up, leave it.

If you sing that Gotye song in an elevator, everyone will hate you.

Carry a rabitt's foot for good luck. Carry a human foot for bad luck.82866405.jpeg

If you put baby in a corner, the ghost of Patrick Swayze will yell at you. But if you take a pottery class, he'll hug your back.82866404.jpeg

If you shout "Allahu Akbar" on a plane, rip open your jacket, and then scream in a high-pitched voice, you will have a safe and peaceful flight to your destination.82866402.jpeg

It's bad luck when a black cat flips you off.82866415.jpeg

If you marry a Jewish woman, your kids will become Jewish.

Keeping a rabbit's foot around your neck will make rabbits hate you.82866594.jpg

It's bad luck to break a mirror over a child's face.82866412.jpeg
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