Slut? Are You Kidding Me, You Retard?

I noticed something about the feminists that protest. They are either trying to get some attention and sound important, or they are plain ugly and feel threatened by the pretty girls.

Some of their ideas are cool, but trying to limit the arsenal of a pretty woman is plain stupid. A man's brain is built in a certain way that it allows an attractive woman to manipulate it to her needs. If a girl is pretty, then it's justified for her to wear high heels (especially when she's 148 cm tall) and a short skirt. It's ridiculous that some horse-faced uggo would dare to call a classy girl she doesn't even know a slut because... she's jealous? I don't know how an ugly cow's brain works.

Now imagine you're on the phone waiting for a taxi and some chubby piece of shit comes out of nowhere and says "It's sluts like you who make it so difficult for us feminists to be taken seriously." First of all, if you're a feminist, then you fight for feminity, not for the right for women to act and dress like men. Secondly, women can get men to do things for them easily, but apparently some feminists find that offensive. But is that the thing? Let's take a deeper thought about it. Can you recall a pretty girl complain about getting treated like a princess? I doubt that. It's those piece of shit ugly cows who are ENVIOUS of the pretty girls who claim to be fighting for equality, when in fact, they are mad jelly they don't get the same treatment as the pretty girls. 

There we have it. If you seriously think you are fighting for women's rights, then do it, but don't try to hide your jealousy behind a cause you're following because you don't want others to have more options than you. Another thing is calling somebody you see for the first time in your life a slut because you don't look  classy or can't afford the clothes I wear shows you as a lunatic. Plain and simple.

Uploaded 10/27/2012
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