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A Blogger in Demand


Someone just sent me a very interesting request. I've been invited to blog on another site. Apparently outsiders do float around from time to time, and one with a familiar website happened to come across my blogs here and enjoyed them very much.

So much so, he asked if he could do pasta for his site, although I most likely wouldn't mind blogging directly for him instead of you. My first degree's major is specifically focused on Journalism, so it didn't take long to discover breaking every rule of English in writing structure, grammar, context, and pretty much everything else, was a serious reality for other bloggers here.

Usually I'd spend my spare time on instructional-type writing for gamers, and have many walkthroughs, guides, and plot analyses published. But blogging on anything from current events to my own life also has a nice, therapeutic effect. It's fun and has its benefits.

And it's good to know this is one of them.

rin Uploaded 10/31/2012
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