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I-DOSER COMPANY - Reasons For Loss Of Faith In Humanity 2

"But Hanzo, you were just tweeting like a month ago about how I-Doser works and how you love the Peyote dose!"
Well, there's some right in what I-Doser's doing and I'll elaborate on that throughout this article.  They ARE good at coding binaural beats, I will certainly give them that.  But the right they do is overshadowed by quite a bit of wrong and just plain good-ol' WTF.  Now, I'm gonna come off looking like a hypocrite, since honestly it was through I-Doser that I was introduced to binaural beat therapy, which is honestly something I LOVE, something I code my own of and meditate with on a daily basis.  But fuck, I don't even USE I-Doser anymore.  I've graduated to the next level (SBaGen code monkey) and can properly look upon this with the judgment that is much needed.
First off, the controversial approach to using binaural beats in the same fashion as recreational drugs has over the years produced mixed results.  There's of course the bad: Binaural beats being demonized in international media and banned within the United Arab Emirates, and the fact that turning to the druggy market has ultimately led to some dumbass making a beat called "Satan's Jackhammer" below 20hz (something you're not supposed to do) and using military equipment to amplify it (something you're really not supposed to do...what a dumbass), and not only dying as a result but having that shit put on Spike TV's "1,000 Ways To Die".  And then I-Doser comes out with a "Satan's Jackhammer" premium.  For $200.  This is just some of the stupid shit I-Doser does.  Now for the good of the "sound drug" approach: A lot of people turn to drugs in order to mainly do one thing -- relax.  This is the purpose of binaural beats anyway and why during my usual browsing of The Pirate Bay, I decided to download a version of the program with all the doses up through 2011.  I used it, it didn't get me "hiiiiiiigh, d00000d..." but it did help me relax.  Thing is though, for it to actually work, you have to drop whatever the fuck you're doing, sit/lay down, listen and clear your mind of anything save for maybe imagining what the sound from the binaural beat/pink noise combination imitates in the real world.  (Some doses have a sound like a washer, kinda)  Of course, what usually happens is some dumbass teenager or a broke drug addict will think "HERP A DERP THIS GET ME HAAAGH", half-ass listen to it while they do something else and wonder why it's not working.
You see, binaural beats are more of a hypnotherapy or meditation ritual than anything made to imitate any kind of recreational drug.  Binaural beats aren't going to get you high.  If you think it'll get you 'high', and you think you're 'high' while listening to it, that's mostly your imagination if you explain effects beyond relaxation. Don't feel bad though: that means you have a strong imagination at least, something people need these days and the very thing that made the 90's such a captivating era.
Now, for the good and bad of selling this stuff.  Now, America's economy is fucked up the ass, and if you're here in Michigan with me, you know for us, it's no lube.  We all gotta capitalize somehow.  However, these douchebags are selling for as high as $200 some simple audio that started out as a couple lines of code written in Notepad, saved as an .sbg file and weighing in at less than one kilobyte.  I-Doser's .drg files are usually a hundred-something KB, mainly because the .sbg is packed in with an image and compression code.  The actual audio product is very simple and can easily be written in SBaGen or Gnaural for free.  (For the record, SBaGen is simpler and what I use most of the time) Since the target demographic is drug users and dumbass teenagers, however, 1: they're selling to a lot of stupid people (a VERY easy target to sell to) and 2: because they're selling to a lot of stupid people, it's better these people throw their money at I-Doser than to try to make their own shit and end up like that one idiot on 1,000 Ways To Die.
Another thing: I-Doser is getting desperate.  They're running out of ideas for doses.  Their new doses claim to have "side effects" and they even tried to binaurally simulate an overdose -- their "Overdose" dose.  You think I'm shitting you? Here's the picture!OverDose_Store.jpg
I've overdosed on spice before.  That shit is not fun.  Panic attacks and shit.  Who the fuck would wanna simulate THAT?! I mean I understand and even live by YOLO, trying new shit all the time, not to mention I'm a fucking retard according to 97% of everyone who's ever met me or seen one of my videos, but even I'm not gonna go rushing into something touted as an "overdose experience" on purpose! Here, I'll even type out the full description of this dose!!
OverDose / Experimental (Extreme) / 1 Hour This dose leans on the side of uncomfortable pain as we attempt to binaurally simulate the extreme panic, fear and intensity of an overdose. Extreme waves of overheating, very shaky hands, rigid muscles, panic attack, extreme paranoia, extreme anxiety, dizziness and flushed, sky-high pulse and a pounding overtaking heart. You may feel shock. You may feel confusion. This could be intensity on the level of a full on anxiety attack.
Seriously.  What the actual fuck, I-Doser.  But then again, they made a dose called "Gates of Hades" originated to simulate a Hellish experience and sold that shit for $200, so this is nothing new from a few so-called lab techs who were in violation of SBaGen's license until at earliest 2007, SBaGen of course being the engine in which they -- and I -- write binaural beats.  In dispute with SBaGen's creator, I-Doser even sent him two incomplete source codes of their DLL when he asked for a complete one.  And what is that $200 beat anyway, but a test of SBaGen's spin function...I mean, really.  You use a function you're unfamiliar with, I guess you fuck it up and then tout it as "we fucked up and we're gonna sell it to you for $200"? An excerpt from the GoH description: "Expect nightmares, near death experiences, and strong onset of fear. A failure of a creation that we offer only as a premium for those who want to experience both sides."
Yeah...fuck that.  I'm putting out my own pack by the end of the year -- FOR FREE -- and I'll come back on here to drop it.
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