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-|-Crosshair hopscotch -|-
come and watch
the bodies drop
Kill count ticks,
it just won't stop
munitions loaded
fully stocked

rounds are chambered,
fully cocked
just waiting for orders
before the shot

infrared and moving shapes
are what corpses make
GPS and autopilot
spy on protests,
and those who riot

Streaming data, pics and vids
after the fact, we see what it did
the drone of engines goes unheard
like the drone of politics
we don't hear a word

with joystick controls, a distant fight
over the internet, that's when they strike
battery cells,
and mechanized motors
won't win the hearts
or minds of voters

yet still they program,
and still they drone
they pump up the weapons
and neglect our home

people go hungry
while they feast on war
we've all had our fill
but still they want more

watch the skies
and clouds overhead
there may come a day
when we realized, with dread:

They said they'd protect us
but instead they imprison
while watching from afar
with green-hue night-vision

artman4444 Uploaded 11/03/2012
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