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females are inherently evil

Females are fucking evil. Here's why:

First woman we have knowledge of (in literature, be it myth or not), Lilith, a fucking demon succubus Adams first wife.

Second woman we have knowledge of, Eve, "tempts" Adam into leaving a garden. One where people never have to wear pants and can tell his bitch what to do, come on bitch, all you have to do is not eat the fruit off one tree. Spoiled bitch fuckin up history repeats itself amirite

Third, read macbeth, evil women runnin all over in that book. They talk men into doing wrong shit all the time. Even Shakespeare understood that shit.

Fourth, lookit the state of our country, murika. went down hill the day women got the right to vote.

Fif, lookit abortion. A nazi bitch, forgot the name too lazy to look it up, fought for abortion rights. Who wants to kill a sweet sweet baby? A woman.

Name a woman who advanced mankind..... Exactly. I'll look in the comments for an answer to that but I suspect there wont be one. Thank you and goodbye.

Frogbob Uploaded 11/18/2012
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