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Hand Blown Glass Art in Demand

Putting Money in Glass Talent

Some of Europe's leading glass manufacturers are now quite sought after as informed investors move into investing in glass art.

Hand blown glass is an inexpensive choice for a lot of people that can still deliver a ROI of approximately 20% each and every year. The amazing thing pertaining to investing in art glass is that you are not only building a nest egg for the future, you also get to enjoy looking at these delightful ornaments for a number of years while they increase in worth.

Some glass makers like Adam Jablonski have now retired and the value of his glass art is shooting through the roof as the last few pieces of his final work get snapped up. Very soon, the Jablonski Glass market will be strictly a second hand market and the worth of his art will be determined by the rarity and good quality of his hand blown glass ornaments and the personal trademark.

Other awesome hand blown glass studio artists such as Marian Pyrcak, Daniel Stepanek and Remigijus Kriukas have likewise risen in value as their worldwide profile has grown. Whilst glass making companies still have very collectible pieces, it is these freelance glass specialists who actually sign their work that will make the best long term investment.

Marian Pyrcak is a Polish glass artist that is widely tipped to eventually take over from Adam Jablonski as Poland√Ęs leading glass artist. He is currently a well-recognised handmade glass artist and has now been running his own glass art studio since the 70s.

Daniel Stepanek is a Czech Glass artist with an excellent eye for detail. He has a lengthy and illustrious history and is able to make original Bohemian glass art as well as create modern glass art of very good versatility.

Remigijus Kriukas is a Lithuanian glass genius with an awesome array of work. His hand blown glass art is richly eclectic and sumptuously rich in colour. Some of his more edgy items are impossible to work out how he makes them and, of course, he is not giving his tricks away.

Caring for your Art

It's ideal to keep hand blown glass in a showcase case as this shields it, and a glass ornament on the mantelpiece is always a temptation to touch. We have seen beautiful items by Daniel Stepanek and Jablonski lose half their worth caused by a casual slip of the hand.

When sprucing up your Remigijus Kriukas ornament or your Marian Pyrcak urn be sure that you do not wear any jagged rings and use a soft fiber to gently eliminate the dust.

Some people keep their Stepanek vases in the attic room for decades before they sell them. This sounds such a waste as no one gets to see them. Investing in art such as Crystal Gifts should be for you to enjoy it on a daily basis, so do not hide where no one will see it.
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