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Why the fuck are there all these shootings going on right now? Let someone try to open fire in a place im in, I will fuck some shit up. That's what I don't understand, the mall shooting, not one person had a weapon on them? Or did someone shoot the shooter and not say anything so he wouldn't face any charges. They need to lift gun bans in federal places. Have teachers carry, have rent-a-cops carry, allow citizens easier concealed carry permits.

I know all this shit is going to lead to stronger restrictions on guns, but thats bullshit. The mall shooter stole his weapon, so regardless of how difficult it is to get the weapon, if a person wants to kill people they will find a way. I swear they could use a metal pipe or rebar to fuck shit up. You wont stop criminals, but you can allow people to stop them by allowing them to carry weapons.

The guy that shot up the middle school FUCK YOU, I hope you burn in hell bitch

Frogbob Uploaded 12/14/2012
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